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Below, find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us and we will respond to you.

Who can join? How does this program work?Who/What is the CARING Group? Are there any costs, hidden fees, or annual dues?What schools and districts participate? How are donations calculated? How are donations tracked? Can I make a direct donation to the CARING Group versus participating? How much of my donation goes to the school? How do I know which businesses participate in the CARING Group?Can the CARING Group donations be combined with any coupons or discounts?How do I join? Who has access to my private information? Can I divide my donations among different schools?How often does the school receive a check?Is there a limit on how much a school can receive?Which schools can receive donations?Can I change schools for donations? Can I live outside the district and be a member? Can I use a credit card to pay for my transactions? Can I purchase online? Does each business donate the same amount?Can I start this program in my state or district?


Did You Know... Swanson Elementary received a $984.80 donation from The Caring Group in 2014.